GS1/GTIN Transition

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dale Medical Products, Inc. (“Dale”) is moving to the GS1/GTIN labeling and bar code standards as part of our continuing efforts to meet customer expectations and improve supply chain efficiency.  This document contains answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you need additional information or support or would like to speak with someone regarding this activity, please contact either your sales representative or Dale Customer Service at 800-343-3980.

What are the GS1 Standards?

GS1 standards are the most widely used supply chain systems in the world, spanning many industries. They drive supply chain efficiency, traceability and accuracy. Examples of GS1 supply chain applications include Global Trade Item numbers (GTIN), Global Location Numbers (GLN) and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN.)

To learn more about GS1 Healthcare, please visit,

What is a GTIN?

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a globally unique identification number of an item in the supply chain that identifies a product from manufacturing through distribution and use.  The GTIN is typically a 14-digit numeric code which includes a company prefix followed by product identification numbers.  The GTIN, as well as other key product attributes, are automatically identified when a barcode is scanned.

Why is Dale moving to the GS1/GTIN now?

Dale is moving to the GS1/GTIN Healthcare Standard as part of our continuing efforts to meet customer expectations and improve supply chain efficiency. We recognize the value of standardization for the medical device industry and are working closely with healthcare providers to ensure that we are delivering what they need related to GS1 standards.

How does this change impact hospitals?

It primarily impacts hospitals that currently scan or plan to scan product label bar codes. They will need to update their MMIS (materials management information systems) with the GTIN part numbers.

Is the GTIN replacing the HIBC numbers and bar codes on all current products?

The majority of Dale products are currently labeled with a Health Industry Business Communication Council (HIBCC) and bar code standard format.  In transitioning over to the GS1 standards, the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) will now be prominently displayed on the label and represented in both human readable and data matrix format. The HIBCC bar code will be removed.

What does the new label look like?

The new label features the addition of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), and the removal of the HIBC bar code.  Product catalog numbers will remain the same.

Differences of HIBCC & GS1 labels

Where are GTINs used?

GTINs are used on product packaging labels, invoices and packing slips.

What is the timeline for products transitioning to GTINs?

GTIN labeling begins in November of 2018. Each month additional products will transition to the new label.  We anticipate that all Dale products will include the new GTIN identifier by the end of 2019.

Over the next year, you will see a mixed inventory of products as our supply chain pipeline is depleted  and HIBCC-labeled product is consumed.  There is no difference between products that are HIBCC labeled or GTIN labeled. HIBCC-labeled products need not be returned.

Where can I get a list of GTIN bar codes?

A complete listing of our products transitioning to the GTIN part numbers along with their original HIBCC UPN part number may be found on our website, This list is known as HIBCC to GS1 cross reference sheet.

Are other companies using these GS1 Standards?

Yes. Numerous companies across the healthcare industry have adopted GS1 standards.

How do the GS1 standards relate to the new Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule?

The FDA recently published their final rule on a Unique Device Identification (UDI) System for medical devices. They will require that all medical device packaging labels contain Unique Device Identifiers from FDA Accredited Issuers. Both the GS1/GTIN and HIBC UPN unique identifiers and bar codes meet the requirements of the FDA UDI final rule.

Do we have to use GTINs to order Dale products?

No. You may continue to use Catalog Numbers to order products.

Do I need to return inventory that doesn’t have the new GTIN labeling?

No. You may receive inventory that contains the HIBC only product labels during the transition period to the new labeling. It is not necessary to return products that do not contain GTIN bar code labels.

Who can I contact for more information or help with GTIN bar code scanning?

For more information, please contact your local Dale sales representative, or our Customer Service team at or 800-343-3980. You may also visit our website for more information on GS1 and GTIN bar codes.