ACE* Connector®(Access Controller for Enteral)

The Dale ACE* Connector *(Access Controller for Enteral) minimizes the chance of messy leaks and protects you from potentially infectious splashback while shielding your patients from external contamination. The Dale ACE Connector controls fluid flow into and out of most NG, feeding tubes, and other enteral tubes. The ACE Connector replaces 5-in-1 connectors and enteral feeding Y-port adapters.

The ACE Connector features

  • In-line feeding, suctioning, irrigation, gastric residuals and medication delivery without the need to disconnect
  • A built in needleless syringe port seal that accepts most catheter tip 60cc syringes
  • A simple ON/OFF handle
  • A long lasting silicone adapter, preassembled in the package

The closed system connector can be used with the following tubes

  • Salem Sump™
  • Levin tubes
  • PEG/g tubes

The Dale ACE Connector is not currently available for sale in Canada

Product Numbers Size Quantity
475 One Size Fits All 50 per box