Bendable ArmBoard

The Dale Bendable Armboards are a premium quality, lightweight, simple, cost effective, tapeless device to position and secure the wrist to stabilize and prevent unwanted movement, when using arterial and peripheral (intravenous) lines on delicate veins and limbs.

These Bendable Armboards are available in a variety of sizes ranging from neonatal to full adult.  All of our Dale Bendable Armboards are covered with a soft, plush, comfortable fabric, and can be fastened to the wrist with adjustable hook and loop straps. The two pre-attached convenient straps offer stretchable, adjustable, comfortable, and effective securement to the wrist for all size patients.  No more, time consuming fussing with surgical tape and scissors to secure the board to the patient. No more worries about tape residue being left behind on the patient after removal of the tape from the Armboard.   Our gentle elasticized straps don’t create skin injuries – they help prevent them from ever occurring.

The Armboard also contains a bendable metallic core encased in a patient safe sheathing, allowing the clinicians the benefit of being able to custom shape it to any desired position  for ideal IV insertion on the patient, and then allowing them to return it back to its original flat resting position once the insertion has been completed.  All of the Dale Bendable Armboard seams are sewn, not ultrasonically mass-welded, offering added comfort to the patient from the soft threads, not sharp uncomfortable corners.

Dale Bendable Armboards are not made with any natural rubber latex materials.  Our Armboards are a disposable product, and they are not reusable!

Clinicians around the world love the Dale Bendable Armboards.  Happy Patients leads to Happy Clinicians too, and favorable patient surveys.

Can be used in the

  • Operating Room
  • Recovery Room
  • Trauma
  • ICU
  • Patient Care Units
  • Cardiology Cath Labs
  • Interventional Radiology
  • EP Labs

MRI Information

The Dale Bendable Armboards are classified as MR Conditional, and are safe to use on patients that are undergoing MRI procedures under specified conditions up to 7 Tesla without Body Coil. Learn More.

Product Numbers Size Quantity
650 Large, 23cm x 9cm (9” x 3.5”) 10 per box
651 Medium, 13.7cm x 6.4cm (5.38” x 2.5”) 10 per box
652 Small, 11.4cm x 4.4cm (4.5” x 1.75”) 10 per box
653 X-Small, 10.8cm x 2.5cm (4.25” x 1”) 10 per box