ACE Connector® with ENFit® Technology

The Dale ACE* Connector *(Access Controller for Enteral-ENFit Type) minimizes the risk of messy leaks, and protects the clinician from potentially infectious gastric splash-back, while shielding the patients from external contamination, and it is now fully compatible to the new ISO 80369-3 specification.

The Dale ACE Connector controls fluid flow into and out of most ENFit Style Only NG type feeding tubes, Salem Sump tubes with ENFit Port, Suction Tubes equipped with a special ENFit port female adapter, all size Gastrostomy tubes. The ACE 485 ENFit Connector is readily available, in addition to the current ACE 475 Legacy style enteral connector. 

  • New auto seal syringe medication port – utilizes new 80369-3 compatible med port technology, while incorporating our original split septum syringe seal technology from our time-tested original ACE 475 connector mated to a new and safer plunger activated flow valve.
  • New ENFit compliant distal (female port) and proximal (male port) – will connect to all 80369-3 (ENFit) compliant enteral and gastrostomy tubes including Dobbhoff, Levin, Salem Sump with ENFit ports, Suction tube with ENFit adaptor, PEG/PEJ, balloon replacement type PEG, most G-J tubes, small bore feeding, and feeding administration sets and ENFit compliant syringes.
  • New purple color to coincide with most other industry ENFit enteral products in the market today
  • New integrated crossbar molded into the handle to prevent erroneous mis-insertions of ENFit syringes into the handle top in low light hospital environments
  • Slightly smaller footprint than the original ACE but ergonomically appealing to clinicians
  • The new ACE 485 with ENFit fully supports a closed enteral system, as long as it is connected to a sealed feeding administration set
  • The new ACE 485 will mate with all size ENFit Syringes, especially those with center tip, full helix thread
  • In-line feeding, irrigation, gastric residuals and medication delivery without the need to disconnect

Same Reliable Features as the Original ACE 475, with Some New ENFit Technology

  • In-line feeding, irrigation, gastric residuals and medication delivery without the need to disconnect
  • A simple ON/OFF handle

The FDA Encourages the Use of Enteral Device Connectors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned by continued reports of misconnections with enteral devices. To reduce the risk of misconnections and patient injury, the FDA recommends hospitals and clinicians use enteral devices with connectors that meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 80369-1 or ISO 80369-3 standard, or that are otherwise designed to reduce the risk of misconnections. There are currently marketed enteral connectors that meet the 80369-3 standards, many of which are identified by the tradename ENFit. Today the FDA is providing recommendations to support the transition to enteral devices with 80369-3 compliant connectors.

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DALE Medical Products is proud to be an active member of the Global Enteral Design Supplier’s Association (GEDSA)

Medicare Reimbursement now available

Uses the same codes as the Original ACE Connector


The Dale ACE Connector is not currently available for sale in Canada

Product Numbers Size Quantity
485 One Size Fits All 50 per box