Nasal Dressing Holder

The Dale Nasal Dressing Holder replaces adhesive tape to hold nasal dressings in place. Easy to remove and replace, it makes dressing changes simple and painless. And because it requires no adhesive tape, the Nasal Dressing Holder won’t damage skin.

The Nasal Dressing Holder consists of a clear plastic dressing holder section, and is secured by ear loops.  It’s hook and loop fastener tabs can be infinitely adjusted to fit almost any patient comfortably.  The soft material of the dressing holder adds comfort, white the plastic center section holds dressings in place without absorbing secretions.  The Nasal Dressing Holder is easy to remove and replace, making dressing changes simple and painless.  One size fits most patients and it is not made with natural rubber latex.

Can be used after

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Sinus surgery
  • Facial trauma
  • Nose bleeds

Patient Testimonials

“Loved this product.Had surgery done to fix my deviated septum and valve collapse and they gave me gauze and tape at the hospital to use for the nasal drainage post op. It was absolutely horrible to use, taping gauze to your face under your nose is not fun or easy. This product really made it simple and somewhat comfortable. Didn’t have to worry about all that nasal drainage doing everywhere. If you are going to have nasal surgery this is a must!” -Danny, United States

“I used this after sinus surgery since I’m allergic to adhesive. It has worked wonders and holds the gauze in place even while sleeping. I’ve adjusted it several times and it’s held up wonderfully! This has been a life saver!” -John, United States

“Perfect after nasal surgery. As an RN I used this myself and it made a world of difference. Very comfortable!” -Sarah, United States

Product Numbers Size Quantity
600 One size fits most 10 per box