NasoGastric Tube Holder

The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder

The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder is ideal for holding nasogastric feeding and aspiration tubes, in a wide range of French sizes from 5 French to up to 18 French such as:

  • Salem Sump– (Most types)
  • Levin tubes
  • Feeding Catheter Tubes (Dobbhoff, weighted, or non-weighted)

The unique dual interlocking tabs spiral around the nasogastric tube ensuring superior tube security. The non-adherent plastic tips on both tabs make tube removal safer and easier without the need for scissors, prep solution, or removal solutions.

The Dale NG Tube Holder is simple to apply, and can be worn up to three days on most patients.  The product is not made with any natural rubber.  The adhesive is skin friendly, yet securely holds a variety of different tubes, leaving no sticky residue on the tube or nose after removal.  The breathable fabric has a degree of stretch which allows it to better conform to the shape of the patient’s nose.

There is also a choice on application procedures.  You may select the traditional approach that Dale customers have adhered to for years, or try a new method that was recommended by RUSH University Medical Center after months of clinical testing.  Both methods work exceptionally well!

Two convenient sizes

The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder Product 160 (large) is used for most adults, while the 161 (small) is used for most pediatric and geriatric patients that have more sensitive skin and those who may have smaller bridges.

Clinical Studies

The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder was used in a recent study published in MEDSURG Nursing Magazine.  To view the article please visit the MEDSURG Nursing Site here

Other NasoGastric Tube Holder Applications:

  • Manometry Probe Securement
  • 24 Hour pH ImpedanceTesting Securement

The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder can also be safely used for temporary securement of Manometry and pH Impedance Catheter/Probes.  The Dale NG Tube Holder unique design holds these probes very securely on pediatric, geriatric, and adult patients for the duration of the test from 30 minutes to 24 hours.  Why bother with tape when our Dale NG Tube Holder is the perfectly designed for this type of  securement.

Product Numbers Size Quantity
160 One Size Fits Most 50 per box
161 Small 50 per box