Transducer Holder

A Level and Secure Platform

The Dale Transducer Holders provide both a level and secure platform, which can accommodate up to three transducers, for your patients on hemodynamic monitoring. The stability of the Dale Transducer Holder will assure that the waveform (of vascular pressure) and corresponding numerical display of measurements are correct. The Dale Transducer Holders will reduce the likelihood of inaccurate measurements due to improper positioning or leveling of the transducers.

With up to three color-coded holding tabs, the Dale Transducer Holders reduce the time and trouble of manually leveling and taping individual transducers to the patient’s chest, arm or mounting on the bedside pole. The difficulties in taping the transducers to the patient or repositioning the bedside pole because of patient movement are now eliminated with the application of the Dale Transducer Holder.


  • Stabilizes up to three transducers per holder
  • Greatly improves patient hemodynamic monitoring and accuracy of readings
  • Easy transducer positioning at phlebostatic axis enhances leveling accuracy
  • Monitoring at phlebostatic axis is maintained during patient repositioning, transport and ambulation
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove with the hook and loop fastener system
  • Saves on nursing time and is easy to understand and use
  • Convenient color-coded tabs for easy recognition
  • Can be used over a blood pressure cuff or sleeve
  • Transducer platform is soft and padded, ensuring lasting patient comfort
  • One size fits most, adjustable arm strap for easy application
  • Allows for a complete securement system for radial artery blood pressure monitoring when used in conjunction with the Dale Bendable ArmBoard
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Product Numbers Size Quantity
620 Fits up to 3 standard size transducers, one size fits most 10 per box
622 Fits up to 2 large size transducers, one size fits most 10 per box