UroDynamic Tube Holder

The Dale UroDynamic Catheter Tube holder is ideal for holding urodynamic catheters in position during the urodynamic monitoring process to help you achieve an accurate reading.

  • Skin friendly
  • Dual interlocking tabs
  • Non-adherent adhesive tips

Catheter Fixation

Secure catheter fixation is essential in maintaining good transducer signal quality and accuracy of testing. Urodynamic catheters can easily slide out of position if not securely fixated because there is no internal balloon retention.

Current methods of using standard hospital tape are inconvenient, tend to cause skin irritation, and may compress the urethra. The Dale UroDynamic Holder features two locking tabs that secure the urodynamic catheter in place. It is custom made with skin friendly adhesive and is not made with natural rubber latex. The Dale UroDynamic Catheter Holder can save clinicians time, allows for precise catheter positioning and secure catheter fixation which are all essential to maintaining signal quality and test accuracy. The product is ideal for all male patients.

To Be Discontinued

The Dale UroDynamic Holder, product number 490, will be discontinued on December 31, 2019.  We will continue to fill orders until that date, or until our inventory is depleted.  If you would like to ensure stock, please order soon.

Product Numbers Size Quantity
490 One Size Fits Most 50 per box